Metaphysics Consultant

CONTACT ME:  (65) 9181 0139
EMAIL:  daniel.ong@85metaphysics.com

My name is Daniel Ong and I am a Singaporean. I am a business consultant by trade and had previously worked for several public listed companies in the area of business development, investment and business consulting for the past 15 years.

I fell in love with metaphysics 10 years ago when I chanced upon an experienced metaphysics consultant, seeking his advice on a relationship issue, which at the point of time, was taking a toll on my life. Needless to say, he provided me with the insights and guided me to overcome my challenges and ride through the crisis. Since then, I started learning the art and knowledge of I Ching, knowing one day I would be able to use this knowledge to help others. Today, I am a qualified I Ching reader and will still continue my learning journey to deepen my knowledge and wisdom in I Ching.

Owing to my thirst and curiosity for continued education in metaphysics, I decided to take up Tarot reading and Numerology courses in Singapore a few years back. Since then, I never look back, I was so fascinated with this Western art as it taps on one’s subconscious mind and high self to provide insights and guidance to the seeker, whereas for numerology, it can be used to determine a person’s traits, discovering one’s inner talents, and learning to better manage his or he relationship with others. I have completed my advanced certifications for both tarot and numerology and now a certified tarot reader and numerologist.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-001 Science In The New Era 4 Hours August 27, 2014
UE-005 How To Sell Anything 2.5 Hours July 30, 2014