Master Ong was a patient and detailed person.
He gives clear and detail explanation on his evaluation of house Fengshui for each area based on the person residing in it.
Lastly he did not push or upsell any additional items after his evaluation. He will just recommend the type of suitable items and let us decide and source ourself.
Will definitely recommend him if any of my friends has any needs in Fengshui.

Daniel will get you started by telling you the basic of metaphysics b4 going into the reading, he is patient and will ask do you have question along the way and he will hear your question and help you better understand ur Zi Wei reading. Definitely a very enriching session.

Hi Mr Ong, thanks for the session today. Really accurate information and definitely will heed the advices given by you!

Mr Ong is very knowledge about his trade and is very insightful. He has helped me to get a clearer direction of my life and made me understand my strengths and weaknesses. This will definitely help me in making better life decisions in the near future. He is also very patient in answering all of my questions and is very willing to share additional information and the theories behind the reading. I will definitely look for him for life guidance again. Thank you, Mr Ong!

Daniel is both a good friend and a trusted professional. He provides useful insights and is always very willing to share his knowledge and expertise.

Daniel is a Fengshui Master who is passionate in his work. Not just an ordinary daily job to him but his love for doing Fengshui. As an interior designer working with him on my Client’s office project, going through with him from initial space planning to development incorporating strictly from his given directed application of Fengshui planning and advises Client in purchasing Fengshui Articles was pleasurable and experiencing events of learning how true Fengshui energy works. Good energy vibes were felt when I sat at the specific Fengshui allocated reception sitting area, was calming and relaxing, gradually I was feeling the whole office in good flow of energetic harmonious energy field amazingly.

Master Ong have been my FS guru for the past 6 years. A very honest and candid person with a wealth of FS knowledge. He is also pretty creative as he will make sure the FS strategy deployed for my home blends in with my interior design. With his recommendation, there is no need to buy any FS item from him, I source them myself.
And of course I double checks with him to see if that’s the correct item ! Overall, a very satisfied client and will continue to engage him for my FS needs.

I have always been keen to know how Fengshui can help me in my life. Having consulted a couple of them and things has not improved until I met Daniel. Daniel helped me with some simple advice on arrangements in the house and my room upon hearing my constraints. It certainly improved matters and I have since successfully completed my studies, career is getting along well and finally relationship has taken a twist but for the better.

Daniel Ong provided the I Ching (Yi Ching) Divination with such accuracy and insightful. I benefit a lot from the reading and I am fully prepared myself for the next step in my career. Thank You.
IT Consultant

Daniel Ong has shown me what metaphysics is able to assist in my daily life. Through 85Metaphysics, I have learnt more on how to control our lifecycles.

Daniel’s advices given were great assurance in terms of my past, present and future. Through his Ba Zhi and Tarot Card readings, he had given me specific pathways towards my career success.

Daniel is also a great mentor, his experience and advices in corporate life is some lessons money could not buy. I strongly recommend his services.

My house Fengshui is seen by Daniel. He gives a good services and responsible attitude when he does is 1) pre audit in Fengshui 2) site visit and 3) after audit work.

He would check in details and you can feel he is careful not to give wrong advice.

Changes in my life:-
1) I does small business. The business office that he sees for me does give me better and more biz opportunities;
2) My renovation completes in time; and
3) My temper improves alot;
I would recommend my friends to him.

I have used tarot card reading service by Daniel for few occasions and found it accurate and spot on. Daniel is attentive and he has inquisitive mind. He provides detailed explanation and able to offer good advise based on the spread. I hv heed his advice and landed in a better job.