Master Daniel Ong, a Singapore Feng Shui Master, devoted to offering training and consulting services in Feng Shui (风水), Bazi Destiny Analysis (子平八字), Flying Star Si Hua Zi Wei Dou Shu Destiny Analysis (飞星四化紫微斗数), Yi Jing Liu Yao Divination (易经六爻占卜), and Tarot Reading (塔罗牌占卜).

Daniel is a university graduate and holds a MBA in Investment and Finance from University of Hull (UK) and BSC in Economics from National University of Singapore. He spent over 20 years of his professional career in the areas of strategic planning and development, investment, and corporate finance serving C level executives in public listed companies. His last position was Vice President in a mainboard listed company and he is now pursuing his passion in practicing and teaching metaphysics.

In 2004, Daniel met an old Chinese Master who is well versed in Chinese Metaphysics and applied Yi Jing’s wisdom and knowledge to help him overcome a personal life challenge. He was totally fascinated with the profound knowledge of Yi Jing, which could be used to foresee our life destinies and luck cycles. He realized that by understanding our own destiny parameters, we can maximize our potentials through our self-cultivation and improvements by:-

  • Leveraging our Strengths
  • Strengthening our Weaknesses
  • Capitalizing our Opportunities
  • Overcoming our Challenges

Since then, Daniel began his journey of learning metaphysics and astrology subjects and has received formal trainings under various Grand Masters in Taiwan and Singapore. Over the years, he has been giving consultations to his clients to improve their fortunes as well as recommending solutions to overcome their life challenges.

Daniel develops a strong passion and interest in Feng Shui as he is an advocate of using Feng Shui methods to tap on the good energy (“Sheng Qi” or “生气”) and avoid the bad energy (“Sha Qi” or “煞气”) in our living environment for better Wealth, Health, Relationship and Career Luck. He took effort to learn and rationalise the ancient theories of Feng Shui derived from various Schools of Thought and applies the relevant principles in the context of modern living and architecture.

To further enhance his Feng Shui services offering, Daniel applies his Feng Shui methods in conjunction with the appropriate applications of Bazi Destiny Analysis (子平八字), Date Selection (择日学) and Yi Jing Divination (易经六爻占卜) methods to enhance good energy (“Sheng Qi” or “生气”) for his clients’ residential and commercial properties.

Daniel is well versed in the following disciplines:-

  • Residential Home and Commercial Feng Shui (阳宅风水)
  • Bazi Reading (子平八字)
  • Flying Star Si Hua Zi Wei Dou Shu Reading (飞星四化紫微斗数)
  • Yi Jing Divination (易经六爻占卜)
  • Tarot Reading (塔罗牌占卜)
  • Date Selection (择日学)
  • Name Selection (姓名学)


Your privacy is important to us. Clients’ information are kept highly confidential and we do not discuss our consultations or Client’s information with any third parties unless with the permission from the Clients.