A professional Singapore Feng Shui Master, devoted to offering training and consulting services in Feng Shui (风水), Bazi Destiny Analysis (子平八字), Flying Star Si Hua Zi Wei Dou Shu Destiny Analysis (飞星四化紫微斗数), Yi Jing Liu Yao Divination (易经六爻占卜), and Tarot Reading (塔罗牌占卜).

Enriching Life and Creating Harmony with the Environment

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85 Metaphysics Consulting


Residential Home Feng Shui Consultation

We do not advocate purchasing of Feng Shui accessories

Bazi Reading

Face to Face Consultation Your future is not cast

Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu Reading

Your future is not cast in stone. Understanding your

Yi Jing Divination

The outcome of divination is not cast in stone.

Tarot Reading

Life is never a smooth and easy ride. Sometimes

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