Course Syllabus


Bazi Destiny Practitioner Course – Module 1

Bazi Destiny Practitioner Course – Module 2

Bazi Destiny Practitioner Course – Module 3

Bazi Destiny Practitioner Course – Module 4

Learning Outcome


By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge and techniques of using Zi Ping Ba Zi (子平八字) in determining the person’s Day Master (日主), whether it is either Dominant, Strong, Passive or Weak, the meanings of Ten Deities (十神), interactions of the Heaven Stems (天干) and Earthly Branches (地支) and other analysis,which are critical in assessing the person’s capacity, destiny and fate during his or her luck cycles.

Course Fees


BaZi Destiny Practitioner Course with 85 Metaphysics Consulting requires a minimum of 7 students to start the class. The course will be conducted in English on two consecutive Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm with 1 hour lunch break from 12 pm to 1 pm for each module.

Weekday classes can be arranged subject to availability.

Kindly email us at if you have any further enquiries on the above.

One to one personal coaching is available upon request.

Kindly email your interest or enquiry at as seats are limited for the small group training.