Residential Home Feng Shui Consultation


We do not advocate purchasing of Feng Shui accessories and ornaments for your homes or offices unless it is necessary.

Kindly contact us at 65-9181 0139 to make an appointment with Master Daniel Ong for the best Feng Shui solutions for your homes and offices.

Two On-Site Audits


Daniel Ong
Singapore Feng Shui Master

How can we help you?
In our residential home Feng Shui recommendations, we help you to achieve good Feng Shui by tapping into the positive energy or Sheng Qi (“生气”) and restraining the negative energy or Sha Qi (“煞气”) in your living or working spaces, which improve your:-

  • Health and mental well being
  • Harmony in your relationships
  • Wealth capacity

We do not advocate purchasing of Feng Shui accessories and ornaments for your apartment or office.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (“风水”) is an ancient knowledge of environmental science that has been passed down over 4,000 years ago in China.

It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how one could balance the energies of any given space based on the concept of “Hiding the Wind For Accumulating Qi And Receiving The Water” (“藏风纳水”) to foster good health, wealth and fortune for people living in.

In Chinese Metaphysics, our destiny and fortune are dependent on trinity of three cosmic factors:-

  1. Heaven (“天”)
  2. Earth (“地”)
  3. Human (“人”)

Each cosmic factor contributes to one third of our fortune. Our living or working spaces relate to the Earth which good residential home Feng Shui can help you to:

  1. Achieve your potential
  2. Attain your goals
  3. Achieve prosperity

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